Specifications Specifications
GNUWorld is a program written almost entirely in C++, for intended use on Unix and Unix clone systems. It makes extensive use of the extremely powerful C++ standard library. GNUWorld is designed for extensibility. Its internal architecture allows for easily creating and attaching new services bots to the server.

At current point, GNUWorld uses less RAM than ircu for the same network. The three design goals of GNUWorld are as follows, in decreasing order of importance:

  • Reliability: GNUWorld is primarily concerned with being a strong and correct application.
  • Speed: Of lesser importance is speed, however it is still more important than memory footprint (hence the use of a trie).
  • Memory usage: Efforts are made to create software that uses as little physical memory as possible. However, we will always prefer a reliable product to one that uses very little memory.

What about executable size? Well, here you go:

  • Executable size: This has very low priority. The executable is several MB in size including debugging information, and much less than 1MB stripped. The executable has no real impact on any of the above conditions, so it is really not considered.