Purpose Purpose
The purpose of GNUWorld is as simple as IRC itself, and as complicated as the depths of computer science. GNUWorld's capabilities are not limited by language, design, or imagination. It is extremely extensible, providing a framework for even the most ambitious projects.

At the one end, GNUWorld's clients provide basic operator services such as changing modes in channels and setting and removing glines. On the other end, GNUWorld can be used to provide sophisticated network analysis and monitoring. Almost anything is possible.

Its original purpose was to provide a simple service for the Undernet IRC operators. It has since grown into nothing less than an open source IRC tidal wave. GNUWorld is currently used on many smaller networks, and in full open source production on one of the largest IRC networks, the Undernet (http://www.undernet.org).

Channel services clients, to be hosted by the GNUWorld server, are currently under development. These clients will use an SQL database backend. More information will be forthcoming.