GNUWorld is an IRC operator services server. It is capable of performing any and all tasks that IRC operators/administrators might ask of it. It is written in C++ using sophisticated object oriented design patterns. GNUWorld was originally created in 1997 by Orlando Bassotto. Major contributions were made by Andrea Cocito. It has since been rewritten to incorporate the C++ standard, unavailable at original creation.

The GNUWorld source code is freely available to all who wish to have a copy. The software is still in late development, yet boasts a fully functional operator services interface client. Additional (channel services) clients are in the design phase. The GNUWorld server and virtual client architecture will soon be used to provide services for the Undernet IRC network.

No official releases have been made available. Currently, anyone who wishes to obtain a copy of GNUWorld must do so using CVS. This will allow users to obtain the most up to date version of the software.

You may contact the GNUWorld developers for help or to give suggestions at gnuworld-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.
The GNUWorld mailing list is open to anyone wishing to participate in the development of GNUWorld.